The name Sanctus German Shepherds is a tribute to my Sandy. She had many nicknames, Sanctus was my favorite.

My love for German Shepherds started before I was born, with my dad. As far back as my memory goes I remember being curled up with Lady or Knight, the two German Shepherds we had when I was born, listening to dad tell tales about his adventures with his childhood dog, Bomba. Grandma also told many praising stories of the duo, the boy and his dog.

After Lady and Knight we had two mutts, Elsa and Brittan. Having dogs has always been great, but they weren't the noble big beasts I was used too, and I wanted a best friend like Bomba!

When I was in Elementary School we got a solid black German Shepherd named Midnight. He'd beg my mom to go out every weekday just before our bus would drop us off and would sit majestically at the edge of our back yard at the top of the hill, waiting for us to come home. He was a great family dog, but not quite my own.

Mythril was the first dog that was really mine. It was with Mythril that I got the nickname, "Doggy Momma."

As I was just about to start my Sophomore year of High School, we adopted Sandy. Before we adopted Sandy she had been abused. We had no idea she had been abused as the man went and picked her up and carried her to our car, we just thought she was having fun running around with another dog and not listening to the man.. Anyway, dad was really patient. I'd see him sit at his chair and put out his hand, waiting, and she never came, until one day she did.  It was 6 months after coming home with us. She sat right under his hand so he could pet her. After that, she never hid again, and became the happiest dog I'd ever seen. She was so eager to please, and was full of life. She taught me how to drive. She taught me how to have patience and be kinder than I'd ever been. She was there for me when we moved away from my friends to Florida, and when I moved away from my family it gave me comfort knowing she was a little piece of me still with them. Once I graduated from college and got a "real" job she came and lived with me. I make jokes that she retired since by then she was 12. She held on to meet my Husband (he had to be dog approved of course!) and stayed with us until she let me know she was losing her 3-year long battle with Lupus and had done all she came to Earth to do. She returned with Honor in Heaven on October 25, 2014. 

In 2013 with the encouragement from my husband (my then fiance) to go ahead with my dream to bring German Shepherds into the world to improve the breed and share the love of dogs with others, we started looking for a Breeder with German Imports and healthy German lineage German Shepherds to lower the risk (as far as we can) for hip dyspepsia in pups ours would eventually have. After Sandy passed I was also looking for a pair that would hopefully have a pup that looked as similar to Sandy as possible (in the picture she was shaved - so with considerably more hair) and we did great! I couldn't be happier with Artemis!  From time to time I catch glimpses of Sandy in her.

With Artemis and my sons, I am loving watching the boys and their dog bond and share in so much play! They are certainly thick as thieves and happy as larks! Dogs and kids mix- If nothing else, I hope to help share the love of a dog with families, because I truly believe Dogs are here to share God's love and show us if only a little, how much he misses us and wants us to come home.